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lil ass weights lol

but so cute!

20 August

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One Shocking Moment, 1965

19 August

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19 August

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19 August

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19 August

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19 August

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Like you can boss me around in sexual situations but you better not try to tell me what to do in regular life


19 August

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19 August

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Always reblog Elle Woods in her “fuck men I’m gonna get a law degree” phase

18 August

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 2x09 - “Cased Up” (November 11, 1991)

18 August

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18 August

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Y’all should go to this:

Cole’s bar presents
Cole’s Chicago Cabaret
a free comedy variety show 
every week in Logan Square
Sundays at 8pm
at Cole’s Bar
2338 N Milwaukee Ave
2 blocks from the California Blue Line Stop

featuring a diverse and rotating lineup of the best comedians in Chicago as well as variety acts including - but not limited to: mentalists, rapping violinists, jugglers, and operatic sopranos. 

Headliners include: 

Saurin Choksi 
(Sidebar Comedy, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, TBS Just For Laughs Festival)
Calvin Evans
(Jokes and Notes, TBS Just For Laughs Festival, Laugh Factory, UP Comedy Club)
Candy Lawrence 
(Laugh Factory, TBS Just For Laughs Festival)
Chad Briggs 
(Chicago Underground Comedy)
James Fritz 
(Chicago Underground Comedy, Comedians You Should Know)

ALL FOR FREE! Every Sunday Night beginning September 7th!

with cheap drinks and specials
$2.50 PBR
$3 Old Style Tallboys
and $3.50 well drinks

Meet the Cole’s Chicago Cabaret production team! 

Bill Bullock (top left)
(Congrats on Your Success, Noon:Thirty)
Jason Earl Folks (top right)
(Annoyance Theater, Shinebox Comedy)
Peter-john Byrnes (bottom left)
(has opened for Natasha Leggero, Orlando Jones, Cameron Esposito, Stewart Huff, Dan Telfer, and Hari Kondabolu)
and Alex Kumin (bottom right)
(The Lincoln Lodge)

18 August

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18 August

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18 August

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18 August

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